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of a $1,000,000 goal

Why you may want to invest in us...

  1. We have exciting traction with large automotive lenders and paying dealer customers like Charles Maund Toyota, Peltier Chevrolet, New England Automax, and Honda of San Marcos.
  2. We are launching pilots with ALLY and Berkshire Hathaway Automotive. We are attacking a problem in the market that is growing and has garnered significant attention from large public companies, regulators and consumer advocates.
  3. Our TEAM is made up of industry veterans with decades of experience in automotive finance, software development, automation solutions, compliance and lending with multiple several exits throughout the team and advisory board.

Our team

Michael Jarman

Co-Founder & CEO

Mike is the Co-Founder & CEO of TurboPass Corp. With 33 Years of automotive finance experience, Mike has run sales and operations teams for finance companies, dealerships and automotive technology companies.  Prior to launching TurboPass, Mike held positions like VVP for Regions Bank Dealer Financial Services, Director of Business Development for Let’s Play! Sports Inc., served on the early sales team at CapitalOne Auto Finance and was a part of the start up team at SantanderConsumer USA.

Kenneth Jarman

Co-Founder & COO

Ken is the Co-Founder & COO of TurboPass Corp. Ken’s experience of 30 years in the automotive operations and compliance sector includes being the Co-Founder of Sierra Motors and Sierra Acceptance in San Antonio, TX. Prior, Ken was the youngest Branch Manager at BOTH Mercury Finance and Reliance Acceptance Corp., two of the first Non-Prime Auto Finance Companies in the US. Ken also served as a Special Finance Director for Maxwell Auto Group and Group1 Automotive dealerships in Austin, TX.

Zahid Kassem - CFE

Business development
  • SVP – Santander Consumer USA
  • Director – Fraud Risk Management at ALLY
  • Sr Director – Enterprise Risk – NetSpend

Jude Samson

  • Custom Solutions Architect Since 1991
  • Founder Online Agency
  • Co-Founder RFMX
  • HaloChain Technology Innovator

Andrew Polito, MBA

Fractional CFO

Andrew is Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of The Ronin Society, an unconventional consulting firm established to help ambitious entrepreneurs navigate the challenges and complexities that come with growth and success. Prior, Andrew co-founded Proximity Learning Inc. where he served as COO & VP of Product for nearly a decade, which was acquired in 2019. Andrew is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and spent much of his career working and doing business in China through the Chamber of Commerce.

Joshua Dockery

Director of Software Development
  • Custom Solutions Architect Since 1991
  • Founder Online Agency
  • Co-Founder RFMX
  • HaloChain Technology Innovator

Our advisors

Dave Prescher

Strategic - Auto Finance
  • President – CRB Auto
  • EVP WFS Financial
  • National Sales Manager -6th Gear

Craig Thompson

IP/Patent Counsel
  • 2 patents-pending – Turbopass
  • 1 Software Utility 1 Process (GUI)

Shaun Martin

Tech, HR, Dev Mentor
  • Founder Rebase
  • Member 10X Factory
  • Former Director Software Development uship.com

Claire Weber, MBA

Data Aggregations
  • Former COO @ FormFree
  • FannieMay Day1 Certainty Vendor
  • Rockate Mortgage Pilot

Rebecca Kuhn

Compliance Counsel
  • Partner – Hudson Cook LLP
  • Assistant Director Federal Trade Commission
  • Senior VP Compliance Counsel – CoreLogic

Jason Morgan

Compliance Counsel
  • Sales Teams @ CapitalOne Auto 
  • HSBC Auto & Westlake Financial
  • VP/CitiBank
  • Early Capital Strategy 

In the news

A new company called TurboPass launched this year that could make validating income easier and more accurate… This will help drastically cut down on CIT (Contract-In-Transit), which can cost the dealer up to an average of $32.00 in holding costs alone. It also will help reduce the time it takes the F&I manager to chase stips for funding and or re-contracting caused by inaccurate information… Dealers who aren’t keen on doing subprime loans to begin with may appreciate this alternative. It removes the guess work. Once the customer passes the TurboPass inspection, the financing is approved and the dealer doesn’t have to be concerned about funding delays.

Invest in the future of car finance verification

TurboPass helps buyers and sellers speed up the process of buying, financing, leasing or subscribing for a car or truck. The company seeks to transform credit and is becoming a leader of  “consumer permission data” distribution related to credit, underwriting and borrower validation. You can get in on the ground floor of a pre-IPO Fintech company that will disrupt the way credit sales are validated for consumers, auto sellers, and creditors around the country.

We have a universal application that can be used by a car shopper at any dealership in America to validate their identity/employment, and income (which helps the dealer KYC) “know their customer” and helps the creditor trust and validate the information on the application.

A dealer can safely share the TurboPass “code”/token with any lender/bank or credit union in America for financing term and offers. By helping dealers validate the buyer’s identity and ability to pay, TurboPass removes friction, fraud, and paper from the process for buyers, dealers/sellers, and lender. The result for the market is a fast, safe, and modern buying and financing experience. Ultimately, it’s a win for buyers, sellers, and creditors.

TurboPass has gained early product adoption/traction with several devoted customers like Charles Maund Toyota, New England Automax, and Honda of San Marcos. In addition, TurboPass is now accepted by Westlake Financial, the largest privately-held finance company that works with over 28,000 auto dealerships in the United States. 

Modernizing Auto Buying & Financing

The current automotive financing process remains cumbersome, unsecured and largely “Paper” Based for consumers, dealers and lenders.

TurboPass is a SaaS based, patent pending multi-channel distribution platform that delivers (contextual) validated consumer “ability to repay” data and insights in ways that are easier, faster and more secure than the auto industry status quo.

TurboPass validates borrower identity and eliminates subjective “stated” income for consumers, dealers, lenders while creating “certainty” and trust for investors / owners of automotive finance assets/receivables.

TurboPass Helps Build Trust Between Lenders & Dealers

Submitting information through TurboPass is significantly more secure than emailing, Faxing or mailing sensitive financial documents. Our Secure process returns financial information to lenders and downstream partners in an encrypted, read-only format.

We present unstandardized data from thousands of financial institutions in one standardized format for our partners’ consumption.  TurboPass and our aggregators routinely perform automated and manual data quality checks.

We support all asset account types, including retirement, savings, checking and brokerage accounts opening a new era or “Ability” based lending that more fairly and objectively assesses risk.

TurboPass is Uniquely Positioned to Address the Indirect Automotive Credit Sale Market

Our Revenue Comes From Dealers & Lenders

Multi-Vertical SAAS Revenue model / 86% gross margin

The potential TurboPass data flow life-cycle provides multiple revenue opportunities throughout the auto “deal” process.   

See Proforma for details.

For every retail auto dealer credit application, 3.7 Credit pulls are generated by downstream lenders like ALLY, CapitalOne, Wells Fargo, Westlake Financial, PLUS captive lenders like, Ford Credit, Honda Financial, Hyundai Capital America.  

As the contextual TurboPass “Read-only” report outputs flow from each constituent to the next (consumer to dealer, dealer to lender, lender to investor) opportunity exist for fees, subscriptions based on access views, pulls or data requests.  

Use of proceeds

Marketing & Sales


Systems Development


Team Building




Ownership of proceeds

Convertible Note Agreement with a 20% discount and a $5MM Valuation Cap upon conversion.


Operational Since: June 2018
Year over Year Growth (YoY): Rev began in April 2019
Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR):
Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): $2,300
Total Rev since founded: $40,000
Already Raised: $125,000
Seeking: $1.5MM
User Base: 100+users



  • Over 200 “credentialed “Users” of the platform including dealership and lender/bank personnel
    -Major Lender Acceptance with Westlake Financial “accepting” our reports from their (potentially) 14,000 dealers around the USA, and launching pilots with ALLY Bank, and Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Group (86 stores)
  • Onboarding about 2 customers a week for 30-day free trials that grow into $97/mo or $297/Mo subscriptions
  • Operate on a per-use fee over their subscription levels. For example, $297/mo includes 35 reports but TurboPass charges $8.25/report

We have dealer’s and lenders intrigued. Some early dealers are calling it a “gamechanger”. Our first Power User has now changed their entire sales process to begin with TurboPass. This allows them to identify their buyer’s ability to pay which serves as a triage allowing them to work on TRUE buyers and not customer’s who will not end up qualifying for financing.

We know that Lender Acceptance DRIVES Dealer Adoption, so the more lenders “accept” TurboPass as a form of validated “Stips” (Proof of Income etc) the more DEALERS will adopt and begin subscribing virally.

This dynamic is playing out with our fist large lender (Westlake Financial), who (as they get more comfortable with the tool) they are referring dealerships to TurboPass. We just received another referral dealership group from Houston TODAY with 10 locations who sell 500 cars a month. This group has the potential to generate $297 per month PER location or $42,768 annual revenue, for this “medium” dealer group.

Key customers & partners