Newchip Accelerator Alumni Testimonials

“I had the great pleasure of working with Newchip Accelerator for my fundraising efforts. The Newchip Accelerator focused on fundraising from day one, and most of the one-on-one mentor sessions focused on fundraising techniques and how to prepare the company for fundraising. All the lessons, tools, and resources in the program, especially those for financial modeling, were great. The one-on-one reviews also helped me prepare the pitch deck that I now share with most of the investors - I have received excellent feedback from them! Newchip also helped me raise funds from its network of investors in a relatively short period of time through its Startup Expo demo week. Their Connect program has also helped me considerably and now I am connecting with potential investors, marketing and sales executives, and potential customers. Ever since I joined Newchip Connect, my calendar has filled up with investor calls. Thank you Newchip for being there and providing continued support to WatchRx.”
Jayanthi Narasimhan
Co-founder & CEO, WatchRx
industry:b2c - wearable medtech
location: boston, massachusetts, usa
"I can't recommend Newchip's Accelerator program enough! When we started with them, our message around raising capital was not clear and we were getting in our own way! They helped us understand the ‘game’ of raising capital, especially for SaaS Fintech startups like us. I've taken tremendous resources from Newchip and their team and some of their investment connections, and they continue to help us well after the program ended. Plus, I had a great group of CEOs who were part of the Mastermind with whom I still stay in touch. We've also managed to kick off a successful equity crowdfunding raise on WeFunder - not an easy platform to get on - ONLY because Newchip recommended us!"

Michael Jarman
Co-founder & CEO, turbopass
industry:b2b - fintech Saas
location: austin, texas, usa

"Newchip was very helpful in getting my head focused on fundraising. They also gave me some great resources to dramatically improving my pitch deck, build my investor network, and made me feel like I finally have someone on my side that I can confide in and work with to successfully raise capital. Our efforts were also recently featured on the Wall Street Journal and 2020 is now shaping up to be our largest growth year yet. I think a lot of people that want to start a company or are very early stage simply don’t know where to begin. Newchip helps you better understand the startup world and gives you resources to improve the state of your business."
Ivan Fatovic
FoundeR & CEO, Modamily
Industry: Industry: B2C - Online Dating location: los angeles, california, usa

"Not only did the Newchip Accelerator program teach me things I'd never learn in the real world about how investors think and how to deal with them on an even playing field, but they pushed, prodded, and pulled us into being truly investment-ready. Big hats off to this team for seeing the massive void that exists between investors and great opportunities, and stepping in to fill that void. Their connections are already paying off big and we are well on our way to completing our $1M Seed round."

Rick Medlen
Founder & CEO, garageskins
industry: b2c - home improvement
location: albany, oregon, usa
“Our Newchip accelerator mentor gave me sound advice, and cared for all the companies with a goal of mentoring each company for a successful outcome. They connected and supported us, and gave guidance based on their expertise and knowledge of various types of companies.”
Danielle Klann
Founder & ceo, TaylorBaby (neatcheeks)
industry: b2c - baby care
location: englewood, colorado, usa

"Newchip showed us how to operate our company efficiently and make it work! SK Hops formed such a great business model with the help of Newchip that when we hit our milestones we will be selective of investors. Newchip has the passion, expertise, and time to assist each client in their needs to make their business venture succeed."
Aaron Simpson
Founder & ceo, sk hops
industry: b2B - beer HOPs
location: austin, texas, usa
“Newchip has been an extremely valuable resource for Pop's fundraising initiatives. We are very happy with their responsiveness, insight, and instruction. Our mentor speaks from experience and has a deep well of knowledge about how to approach and manage the investor community. They have exceeded expectations and I look forward to working with them in the future.”
PK Banks
Founder & ceo, Pop
industry: b2C - Specialty retail delivery
location: Miami, florida, usa
“Our mentor was wise with discipline and understood the complexities of startup culture. They didn’t sugar coat anything which is refreshing and their attitude found the best results with a commitment to the product and consumer 1st mentality.”

Gordon Schaeffer
Founder & ceo,
industry: b2C - delivery app
location: boulder, colorado, usa
“Our mentor was grade A+ and they provided great insight into my business. Their point of view was original, thought provoking, and grounded in reality. In other words, it was a concept that no one else had thought of, and though it was a bit radical, it was entirely executable. I enjoyed their honest and forthright approach along with their ability to inject some humor in the conversation. I would highly recommend working with them.”
Tom Helfrich Stone
Founder & ceo, Sensorygen
industry: b2C - natural repellents
location: south pasadena, california, usa
“Our mentor was wise with discipline and understood the complexities of startup culture. They didn’t sugar coat anything which is refreshing and their attitude found the best results with a commitment to the product and consumer 1st mentality.”

Vivek Mehta
Founder & ceo, Weeve
industry: b2B - HR Chatbots
location: Austin, Texas, usa
“Our mastermind mentor was extremely knowledgeable about startups. They were able to give comprehensive and direct feedback that contributed to better positioning our companies for success. I would highly recommend Newchip to startups that are looking to raise capital.”
Woody Sears
Founder & ceo, HearHere
industry: b2C - Audio entertainment
location: santa barbara, california, usa
NoMo Diagnostics
“Our mentor was wise with discipline and understood the complexities of startup culture. They didn’t sugar coat anything which is refreshing and their attitude found the best results with a commitment to the product and consumer 1st mentality.”
Harald Steltzer
Founder & ceo, NoMo DIagnostics
industry: b2B - Medical Devices
location: Chicago, Illinois, usa
“We needed someone like Newchip: direct non-nonsense mentors that can help us rethink our plans and strategies. They were very responsive and available for feedback and constructive criticism.”

Jose Bello
Founder & ceo, My Bodega online
industry: b2C - delivery marketplace
location: tampa, florida, usa
“Our mentor helped us find efficiency in explaining how we can articulate our business plan to investors. Our plan has several non-intuitive aspects or approaches that are difficult to explain as they run counter to common knowledge in the digital music space. Newchip helped us to cut through the confusion or time it takes to communicate new information and formulate our pitch succinctly.”
Eric W. Neumann
Founder & ceo, mad genius radio
industry: b2c - ai-enabled music app
location: denver, colorado, usa
“Newchip has a wealth of knowledge and tons of experience with startups. I get better with every single jam session. More importantly though, they are brutally honest. They don’t sugar coat and they tell you exactly what they think and WHY and the steps they think you should take to improve. Their perspective is invaluable and they are an absolute machine. I'm eternally grateful for their coaching! 5 STARS!”

Sean Chicoine
Founder & ceo, GOHISO
industry: b2b - services marketplace
location: los angeles, california, usa
“Newchip has been a great resource for me in giving direction when needed for our capital raise. Our mentor was clear and concise on the best direction to take when presenting your company for a capital raise. Their experience in ‘best practices’ have helped us grow our investment circle to most likely partners to identify which fits our company best.”

Corey Galloway
Founder & ceo, legacy growth partners
industry: b2b - business development
location: new york city, new york, usa