Welcome to the Newchip Summer Institute for Entrepreneurism!

This upcoming generation is forecasted to be the most entrepreneurial generation in the last 200 years- which is why we’ve opened up two special summer cohort programs focused on helping college, veteran, and early stage entrepreneurs get their feet wet in an accelerator experience to go to the next level before taking the full-time plunge into entrepreneurism. 

If you’ve never built and sold a startup, this program is for you. This summer you’ll learn the foundations of entrepreneurism: why startups succeed and fail, how to turn turn yours into a real business, the current investing landscape, fundraising strategies and how to raise a round- you’ll also learn how to build rapid prototypes that you can raise with to then build a revenue generating MVP. 

Entrepreneurs come in all types, so our program is 100% inclusive. It’s also rigorous, challenging, and is the exact same curriculum that we teach our accelerator stage entrepreneurs to help them build their startups and raise millions in funding.

Program Goal:
Everything we teach can be applied to raising a successful first funding round with the goal of raising $250k within 3-6 months. In addition, at the end of each cohort we will have a pitch competition with a $2,500 grand prize equity-free grant.


  • Startup Stage: Have an idea or will have an idea set before week one completion that you will spend the summer working on.
  • Commitment: 100+ hours to complete the program and compete in the final pitch competition for $2,500 equity-free prize.
  • Teams: Come in with a team or develop a team in the program- however each course seat in program only provides one seat.
  • Students: Full-time, part-time, or recent grad of an accredited university in the U.S. or abroad (must speak fluent English).
  • Veterans: Must be honorably discharged from the armed services, have option of attending veteran led or regular cohort.
  • Entrepreneurs: Founders under the age of 25 are encouraged to apply, other entrepreneurs must apply to full accelerator.

Program Location:

  • The program is 100% online – requires internet connection of 25 Mbps to livestream video and attend Mastermind Sessions.

Application Deadlines:

  • Cohort 1- Application Deadline June 4th, Cohort Starts June 5th (6/50 seats remaining)
  • Cohort 2- Application Deadline July 4th, Cohort Starts July 5th (14/50 seats remaining)

8 Week Program

8 week program full of incredibly valuable online training, mentorship, and coaching from experienced veteran entrepreneurs

100% Ownership

Retain full ownership and control of your idea/company because we’re not going to ask you to give up any equity

100% Online

No need to pack up and move across the country – you can complete the entire program online (requires wifi + camera)


Our weekly masterminds with other entrepreneurs provide accountability to help ensure you reach your goals

Your Own Pace

We won’t abandon you, even if you move at the pace of butter, we’ll keep working with you to help you succeed 

Graduate Certificate

Graduates of the program will receive a mailed certificate of completion within 3-6 weeks of program graduation

Full Program
-Early stage entrepreneurs/non-students
Student Tuition
from $795
-College Scholarship Applied 40%
Veteran Tuition
from $795
-Veteran Scholarship Applied 50%

Ready to apply? See the application at the top of the page. Questions? Email JLawton@Newchip.com


What kind of success have you and your team had?

We’ve built a community of 100,000+ investors and entrepreneurs, helped fund over $20,000,000+ into startups in 2018, and raised 10’s of millions for the companies we’ve built and sold over the last two decades. We know what we’re talking about.

What stage do I need to be to apply?

Companies in our cohorts have raised seed capital from anywhere between $10k to $5m+. What matters most to us is the team and revenue and we’ll work with any startup that hasn’t already raised a series A round from VCs. If you attend the summer program and graduate, you may automatically be eligible for our full time seed accelerator.

Do you only work with tech companies?

We consider startups and businesses in any field. We’ve worked with companies that make everything from microbes, to reactors, to coffee shops and beer, also beer coffee shops. This is not likely to be your only, let alone your last startup, and it may not succeed. We’re here to give you the skills to help you throughout your career.

Can a single person/solo founder apply?

Yes. We regularly accept solo founders. That said, our advice remains that one-person startups are tough and you’re more likely to succeed with a co-founder. Maybe you’ll find one in the program? There are plenty of companies that merge as well as in the summer program it’s designed to be team oriented.

I have a great idea for a startup but I’m not technical?

It’s important for the founding team to have the skills to build their product themselves, rather than outsourcing it to someone else. For most businesses, that usually means you need a technical co-founder. However, in some businesses and locations, this just isn’t possible. For these companies, we recommend outsourcing until you can bring it in-house. There are also plenty of ways to hack together a startup to generate revenue without knowing how to code that we’ll show you in the program.

Just how difficult is the program to complete?

While you can complete the program at your own pace (we recommend 3 hours a week to just keep up), the program modules are rigorous, and the test are difficult. You can complete these portions all at your own pace but we won’t just stamp your certificate for “breathing”, you have to grow and improve and pass “eventually”. Everything worthwhile takes work, and so will this. Just because you have an idea, that doesn’t equal free money- you have to learn, apply it, hustle, and most importantly have grit.

What should I expect from the program as an international entrepreneur?

It’s basically the same and while we may not have as many resources in your country, you’ll be connected to our resources and network around the globe.

Do I need to know someone at Newchip to get in?

No. One of our core principles is to consider all applications equally. We don’t rely on introductions the way many investors do and our founders actually hate it if you spam them online. We’ve got a great team to source companies and you should respect that we respect them and their decisions.

We were denied. Can we apply more than once?

Yes. If you’ve applied before and didn’t get in, we strongly encourage you to apply again. 

Do you invest in companies in the summer program from your fund?

Since it’s very similar of a curriculum to our full accelerator, yes we do but only in the very best and full-time only startups.

I’m a veteran but I’m not currently a student. Can I still attend?

Yes, we’d love to have you in the program. Our Founder and CEO as well as our COO are both Army veterans.