Newchip Graduate Program Reviews & Testimonials

Highlights on the Impact we're making on startups and entrepreneurs around the world.

“Ryan and his team have made a huge impact on my business. I've learned so much, from 'Who is the right investor?' to 'How much should I ask for?' Newchip also challenged me with their weekly modules, from the reading material to the accountability testing. I learned how to upgrade my pitch deck and what investors expect to see - and what not to include.”
Karen Anne Jacks
CEO at Della Ricca Hair Color
"You've turned me from an arm's-length skeptic to someone who's excited to go through the training and grab those relationships that I can make through this process... thank you for talking me into joining the Newchip accelerator. We had our first MasterMind last night, great group of people and of course Russell is a rock star leader. Looks to be a great journey!! I really appreciate it."
Rick Medlen
Founder & CEO of GarageSkins
"The program was excellent. I felt like I learned quite a significant amount of information about startups, investors, and venture capital, particularly as someone who does not have a traditional background… I feel like I gained so much knowledge and confidence that I could see myself creating a proper startup with the ability to quickly scale.”
Andrew "Ace" Houston
Founder & Head of Design at House Cosmopolitan
“If you are an entrepreneur, you need to raise funds, you’ve built your product, you believe in that, you really need this content, you need this curriculum. I can’t thank Travis and the Newchip team enough. Thank you for all the help. It’s made a massive difference for us and our business. Thank you so much!”
Mike Jarman
CEO & Co-Founder of TurboPass
"I got to say that this is the most comprehensive and thorough material I have ever been exposed to. Straight to the point, no ********. I’ve been telling everyone about this to the point where it drives Nancy crazy."
Tomas Louda
Founder & CEO of Valet Storage
"This next cohort is in for an incredible experience! Thank you Newchip for the education and support!"
Rena McGill
Founder & CEO of Corlinc
“This program has been an invaluable resource to me over the last several months. The creators and mentors have provided me with an overwhelming amount of information and coaching that will impact my future success. Special thanks to Joshua Lawton... What can I say about Josh? Josh was one of the first people I connected with at Newchip and I was instantly drawn in by his passion for working with start-ups. He has been very helpful throughout my time in the program, running our group discussions, meeting for a quick lunch when I was in town to give me some advice, dropping into a VC meeting I was having to prop me up. He is a great guy, a true friend of entrepreneurs, and anyone who has the privilege of working with him is in good hands!”
Austin Evans
Founder & CEO of Arieh Solutions
“The program has been “over the bar” that I had for it. The resources, the weekly group meetings, hearing you and everyone talk, great job pulling this together. I really wasn’t sure if I even needed to do a raise, and wasn’t sure if I should replace my prior co-founder, now I’m confident I should do both.”
Chad Burmeister
CEO of
“Newchip has been great to work with...wishing I was in Austin right now.”
Justin Embry
Executive Director & Founder of Vocit
"When I say I love Newchip, I really mean it... Over the past two years of my entrepreneurial journey, I have never seen an accelerator program that provides so much value and support as much as I have seen with Newchip... You always hear that line (Fortune favours the bold) but you really feel the true meaning of it when you the universe send you someone like Joshua Lawton and an amazing team like the Newchip who wants nothing but helping you throughout your entrepreneurial journey."
Ahmed S. AbouElezz
Founder & CEO of FITT Finder
"They did a superb job of giving us classroom lectures and it was very easy to understand... I'd recommend to anybody, go ahead and do it... You're gonna benefit from it, so just go ahead and take the leap."
Jerry Scott
Chairman of Healthcare Now
“I have the best accelerator mastermind on earth! I went from feeling like we should drop out last week (I just felt SO behind) to feeling like I’m right in the pack this week. I feel like something big is coming… Thank you to Newchip and their entire team for creating their accelerator program. It is definitely helping us blast off into our next stage of growth… I think I officially love you guys. Shit just got real!”
Bonnie Treece
Founder of The Brain Domain
"I finished the Newchip online accelerator! It was a great program that put a slew of business tools in my toolbox.”
John Andresen
Founder & President of the Livestock Of The World Ecosystem
“Having the time set each week to get on the Mastermind classes with your cohort and your fellow cofounders, and just hearing everything that they go through and having them as a sounding board, was extraordinarily helpful."
Joe Shepherd
Founder & CEO of ZenLeap
“As a founder, I have to make decisions every day - some mundane but many are critical to our success. The best decision I’ve made so far this year was applying for the Newchip Accelerator. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Newchip is on a mission to democratize funding and present the most promising opportunities to their investors. The accelerator is personally pushing me to another level with their content, live classes, advisor relationships, and mastermind sessions. If you’re interested in joining an EQUITY-FREE accelerator program and working with experts that have a real desire to see the entrepreneurs they work with thrive, apply to Newchip’s Accelerator.”
Douglas Broughton
CEO of Vendible
“I’m very happy to have participated in Newchip’s first-ever cohort for their accelerator program. The curriculum and staff have provided an invaluable learning experience and I’ll use this knowledge in my current and future business pursuits!”
Paul Hardersen
Founder & CEO of Trouvaille
"I am really enjoying the content. My favorite was how you broke down the archetypes of companies. That alone helped me to realize my company and it’s purpose. I see it growing day by day... I am still journeying through the content and I love it more and more."
Michael B. McCatrey
Founder & CEO of Menelec
“This content is amazing, I’m loving every bit of it and it’s very much how I’ve been focused on building this company and all my companies. Not that you need my approval but thought I’d let you guys know, great f*****g job!”
Eric Horbacz
Founder of Bandwagon Technologies
“It’s really good content. You can tell that they put a lot of work into it and is really well through through. I really take the time to go through all of it. I don’t just skim through the content - I really go line by line. I was actually looking at three different accelerators before I joined Newchip and my big focus right now is on fundraising. Newchip is all about fundraising so that’s why I chose Newchip over all others.”
Chris Gatbonton
Founder of Creation Crate
"Wish it was every day! I feel like I’m learning so much just from the conversations alone. Thanks again!... You guys are the best <3”
Mae Silveira
Founder & CEO of TribeSwapp
“I really love the program. I feel like not only has it been incredibly eye-opening, but it has prompted me to take action rather than sit on my heels all day doing one action item a month… thanks again for this wonderful opportunity! It is a priceless experience... Just from one hour of listening to Ryan and Travis, I was already saved from several mistakes. I was going to hire a PR company to bump up my press release, also I probably would’ve wasted time with bunk investors who may not have the best intentions for my organization. Thank you so much!”
Shinei Gibbs
Founder & CEO at Green Energy Rehabilitation of Multi-Family Properties
"The accelerator had a ton of useful information and was very well laid out... It definitely opened my eyes and gave me good insights into the investor world and the obstacles and hurdles that lie ahead. As a single founder right now my main challenges still persist...finding time and money to implement anything meaningful... But, you've definitely steered me in the right direction and I am grateful for that. All the best and thank you."
James Lyon
Founder of Gongago
“It’s already been six weeks since Viewst joined the Newchip Accelerator program. Today I can say with confidence that it was the right move to get involved. First of all, it is an equity-free program. It is online which gives me a lot of flexibility. I have traveled across three continents this month visiting our clients and partners. I’m preparing the company for the round and I’ve learned a lot of useful legal stuff from top experts and VCs. We have lots of interactions with our mentors and advisors as well as live sessions and mastermind sessions every single week. I have another six weeks ahead... Stay tuned and join Newchip!”
Victoria Duben
CEO of Viewst
"Everything has been perfect !!!! I can’t see anywhere for more improvement as far the cohort accelerator program, everyone has been so helpful, the mastermind sessions have been great, as far as my side I am working on completing my pitch deck for the showcase the extra week really has allowed me to gain more progress for completion, but if I need some one on one services I will not hesitate to reach out to the Newchip team.”
Lafayette Nelson III
Founder & CEO of Ocean Body Balm
"Newchip has been the driving force behind my confidence, creativity and intellectual growth over the past two months."
Alexander Lehman
Founder & CEO ALienbeing