Newchip Accelerator
Revenue Share Opportunity

We’ve launched a highly profitable online accelerator revenue line and we’re offering an opportunity to help it grow 2X as fast with us and earn a share of the revenue every quarter!


Hey Everyone,
It’s been an amazing year so far and our accelerator is growing at an “accelerated” rate with $100k in booked revenue last month- on track for another 20% revenue growth this month and each month moving forward!

Our team is focused both on launching the new platform next month and scaling our new revenue line to source high quality startup investments and help us to reach high margin profitability before Q3. 

To do that, we’re going to be strategically investing in marketing for the new revenue line and we’re offering a special opportunity to our investors to share in the revenue of the accelerator with a 1.8X return over 48 months.

We’re also offering our investors that want to be full on startup ambassadors, a 10% “finder fee” for every startup that you refer to us that joins the accelerator, pays their tuition, and graduates the program.

So far to date your support has helped entrepreneurs:

-Raise 10’s of Millions of Dollars in Capital from Angels & VC’s
-Find Cofounders, Build Teams, and Even Acquire Competitors
-Helped Minority and Female Founders Access Investment Capital
-And much-much more- literally everyday we get awesome testimonials! 

You’ve helped create jobs, strengthen the economy and been a part of our mission to help entrepreneurs everywhere- not just in the valley.

You are all a part of our family and that means something to us so we wanted to give you the opportunity to not just partake in our “exit” but in the revenue that we make each quarter as “owners” in the business.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please review all of the details below, sign the docs, and message me if you have any questions. Looking forward to continuing to work together and mailing you a check each quarter!  

Ryan Rafols
Founder & CEO
Newchip Accelerator

P.S. This is a private Newchip investors only deal, please don’t share this link out, if you have someone that is interested that you’d like to intro please email me [email protected] or text me 817-458-2660!

Revenue Share Terms-
Type of Loan: Revenue Share
Payment Term: 48 months from closing date 
Investment Multiple: 1.8X (example $10,000 = $18,000)
Payment Schedule: 1st Year Payment then 12 Quarterly Payments  
Offer Closing Date: Offer will close when we reach $250k or the 11:59PM on the 5th of July.
Payments Based On: 10% of Quarterly Revenue Until Paid in Full
Offering Minimum & Goal Amount: $100,000-$250,000
Min & Max Investment Commitment: $1,000 min – $50,000 max
*Bonus Referral / Finder Fee: 10% of tuition for startups referred to the program- finder fee agreement will be sent separately after completion of the revenue share agreement

Please review the full terms and agreement below (note when it says ‘Begin Signing’, it doesn’t sign the note- it just allows you to start reviewing the agreement):

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Amount Available