Congrats on Acceptance into the Pre-Seed Accelerator!

Are you ready to change your life? Our program is not just for “ideas” or “companies”, it’s designed for the overall entrepreneur to help you succeed in not just your current venture but for your entire career as an entrepreneur. Let’s get started!


Joining an accelerator is a big step and it’s okay to be nervous, it’s okay to be unsure, it’s okay to be anxious- I promise you that we will do everything in our power as partners to help you succeed. 

We’re here to help you in your journey. While many of our companies go on to success, some fail, and we’re here to help you through that as well. If you’re going to fail, fail hard and fast. Pick yourself back up and do it again. 

We’ve had companies find cofounders in our program, we’ve had mergers, and we’ve had someone fail in week 3 only to launch another company by graduation. 

From this moment on, you are a part of our family and that means something to us. It also means something to you and your cohort mates. We’ve all been in accelerators where we didn’t feel connected to our cohort.

That is not the “Newchip Experience”, you will find and make friends, advisors, and mentors, that will last a lifetime. You will learn things about yourself that you never thought you could achieve, and you will change.

If we could guarantee success or guarantee funding, we would charge millions, however we do track data, and we know that you have a better chance with us, than not with us, about a 70x better chance. 

You’ve been investing in your idea, your team, and your product, this program will REQUIRE you to invest in yourself. Strangely enough I’ve found that the hardest thing for entrepreneurs to grasp.

You are a 10x’er on your team. That means you bring 10x the value, so you need to make yourself 30x…no 100x! And to do  that requires learning fundraising skills, leadership skills, and experience from others failures. 

“Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”
– Winston Churchill

Learn from our decades of experience and you will save YEARS on your entrepreneur journey. That’s what we’re offering you in the accelerator, and if you excel, we’ll invest in you and take you to the next level. 

The choice is and will always be yours as the founder of your company. Remember, work hard and stay humble, and success will come to you.  

-Ryan Rafols
Founder & CEO
Newchip Accelerator

Ready to take it to the next level? Complete the steps below to accept your invitation to join the accelerator and reserve your cohort seat.

You have 3 business days to accept before we have to open your spot to the waitlist, if you need an extension please email us. Once completed, we’ll confirm and send your start date!

Welcome to the Accelerator! 

24 Week Program

6-mo’s full of CEO and startup training, mentorship, and coaching from serial entrepreneurs and veteran investors.

100% Equity Free

Retain full ownership and control of your company because all of our accelerator programs are equity-free.

100% Online Program

No need to pack your family up and move across the country – complete the entire program remote and online. 

Advisors & Mentors

‘Battle-tested’ resources, advisors, and mentors on traction, hiring the right talent, fundraising, and scaling.

Community Access

An online community of like-minded founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs  to learn from and build your network.

Investor Access

Graduates get access to our investor Demo Day – we’ll get you in front of our investors with a strong fundraising plan.

Connect Platform

6 months of access to our investor and sales connect platform to build your investor network and close deals.

Group Accountability

Monthly group masterminds with likeminded entrepreneurs provide accountability to reach your goals.

$400,000+ in Partner Credits & Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t take equity in the company, how do you invest? How much do you invest?

Along with connecting you to our investor network and helping you build a fundraising plan, we have a fund and 100+ co-investor funds for investing into the top graduates of our cohorts. 

The goal of a cohort is to work together to succeed, but it’s also to motivate you to compete with each other over who grows the most. Remember, being the biggest and baddest, doesn’t always = investment. 

Grit does. When we invest it depends on the stage and valuation of the company at the end of the program and it’s up to $250k.

Why do you have a tuition structure? How do I get a scholarship? 

We launched an equity-free accelerator to give back to entrepreneurs, but because we don’t take equity in companies, we utilize funding from our parent company, our investors, fund, and tuition to help cover the materials costs of the program: books, mentors, speakers, etc. 

 It keeps the program equity free and ensures that our team and mentors are 100% dedicated to you, you don’t want volunteers, we’re your partners. We offer a scholarship model to cover the majority of the tuition for companies accepted. 

About 25%~ of each cohort’s top applicants get a 100% sponsorship in exchange for a warrant for investment, and the remaining companies often have their investors cover our program.

That makes sense, what about other investor networks, do they charge fees or dues?  

Yes. CTAN, otherwise known as the Central Texas Angel Network , one of the largest angel networks in the world (though smaller than our community and less deal-flow), charges $250 to apply, $5,000 to the startup if an investor invest, as well as yearly dues to the investors. 

Some investor networks in the Valley and New York charge $2,000-$3,000 just to pitch them and more for access to pitches. Unlike most angel networks and accelerators that have 1-2 cycles per year, our model allows us to have a year around program to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. 

Are there other equity-free tuition based programs like yours? How does Newchip compare?

We are the first and only program like ours that is specifically tailored to fundraising. Other similar programs focus on building an MVP or getting off the ground only, which are:  

Draper University (Pre-Accelerator) for $12,000,  Founder Institute (Pre-Accelerator) for $999 + 4-6% equity as well as a few other hybrids that take equity plus a course or resource fee. 

We’re proud to offer the most affordable full accelerator that is equity-free, that invest in the top graduates, and has a world-renowned team of “real entrepreneurs” who’ve founded and sold companies.

Do you offer payment plans or any tuition options?

For applicants that did not receive a full scholarship, we offer multiple options from tuition loans through our partners at Paypal (0% interest if paid in full within 6 months) as well as longterm and monthly payment plans. You may also apply for a full scholarship for a later cohort after gaining more traction.