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Two Angel Deals with 1,000X Upside Are Yours!

From: Neil Patel
Date: September 8, 2019

After today, nothing will ever be the same again.

You are about to enter a world of excitement and action – where one deal could change your life. Congratulations, you are an angel investor! A “Shark,” just like Robert Herjavec and me.

As a Founding Member of the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network, you will be joining forces with the most successful angel investors and the most brilliant entrepreneurs on the planet.

We’re leveraging our combined successes, connections, and expertise for your benefit.

Our mission is big and bold: to help you earn generational wealth for yourself and your family.

Our mission begins today.

No longer will you be a face in the crowd – one of the millions of people forced to wait until IPO day to get a small piece of some massive company.

From now on, you can get in on the ground floor of the hottest startups that everybody is fighting over.

Look below:

Who would you rather be? The angel investor or IPO investor? The choice is clear as day!

From Now On, You Will Have the Chance to Partner with the Next Generation of Visionaries at the Very Beginning of Their Stories.

The next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos could join your network.

This is one of those rare chances in life to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

When you invest in startups, you have the opportunity to build your legacy and be handsomely rewarded for it!

Arthur Rock’s small investment in Intel helped ignite a personal-computing revolution. It also made Rock a billionaire.

Mike Markkula was Apple’s first angel investor. On IPO day, his windfall was already 220,552%.

But that was when Apple was “only” worth $1.8 billion. Think about how much Markkula’s net worth grew as Apple blazed a path to becoming the first $1 trillion company in U.S. history.

And without him, iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and other devices we use in our daily lives may have never been invented.

Clearly, these are two of the most lucrative angel deals ever. And startups are speculative investments. They don’t all work out. There are risks involved.

Fortunately, with a Team of Ultra-Successful Angel Investors by Your Side, You Could Transform a Small Sum of Money into a Life-Changing Return.

Imagine if you had received a personal invitation to invest $50 in Uber when it was a startup. On IPO day, you could’ve made $248,250!

That same $50 invested in Amazon before it IPO’ed could’ve made you over $7,000,000.

This is what’s possible when you have the right network of people who know how to open the right doors for you.

Angel Deals with 1,000X Upside Delivered to You on a Silver Platter…

Every month, we will recommend two exciting startups. Each will have already passed our 1,000X Formula.

That means each has the potential to pay you a 1,000X windfall.

The moment you secure your special Founder’s membership, you will be rushed time-sensitive information on two amazing startups.

1,000X Startup #1: The Innovators behind Your Smart Speaker Software

In 2018 alone, consumers spent more than $517 billion through U.S. merchants online. Virtually every industry in the U.S. has changed dramatically due to the rapid growth of e-commerce.

At the same time, the market for smart home speakers, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, is on the rise.

This unique startup provides a software platform that upgrades the smart speaker and voice assistant experience using artificial intelligence technology.

Recent reports suggest that the voice commerce market size could balloon to reach $40 billion in the U.S. by the end of 2022 – and this startup could capture a huge piece of the market.

1,000X Startup #2: An on-the-Go Coffee Company That Brings Customers the Fuel They Crave!

Despite being one of the oldest industries in existence, coffee is having a “hot” moment right now. In the past two years alone, there have been more than 10 notable mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs involving coffee companies – most recently, the initial public offering (IPO) of Luckin Coffee, Starbucks’ upstart competitor in China.

Offering 9,870 different drink combinations delivered in reusable cups, this startup is the first to hit the U.S. market with an on-demand coffee delivery service. Plus, each reusable cup saves 21 pounds of waste from landfills annually.

A 2016 study by McKinsey & Co. predicted that mobile ordering will become a $38 billion market in 2020, and this startup is ready to secure its spot in this industry.

Every Month After, You Will Receive Two More Angel Deals with 1,000X Upside.

We are going to provide you with everything you need to assess each deal.

We are going to provide you with everything you need to assess each deal.

  • Due Diligence Packages reveal each startup’s most sensitive information, including business plans, proprietary technology, enormous projects in the works, revenue projections, and more.
  • Deep Dive Videos let you see every deal through my eyes, and I’ll identify the major advantages that could signal a potential 1,000X payday is in play.
  • Angel Investor Action Plans provide thorough, independent research and analysis on each startup’s strengths, competitors, total market size, risks, and upside – PLUS simple, step-by-step instructions if you choose to invest.
  • Investor Updates brief you on every major development for every startup. (Remember, founders often make simple requests in their Investor Updates that could result in you receiving free shares.)
  • The Momentum Report compiles and streamlines the most exciting announcements from our startups every month.

Harness the Network Effect to Unlock Even More Deal Flow!

Nothing is more valuable in angel investing than deal flow. And if you want serious deal flow, you need to build a serious network.

We’ve got you covered.

You will be able to network with founders, famous angel investors, and other members using our “Virtual Boardroom.” And we are placing an arsenal of custom-built tools and resources at your fingertips.

  • Hot Seat Sessions give you and your fellow members the chance to connect with entrepreneurs, hear them pitch their companies, and make them earn your investment like an episode of Shark Tank.
  • The Founder’s Corner is a special place for entrepreneurs and angels to network with one another and discuss and debate each startup. 
  • Boardroom Meetings will be streamed live every month so we can answer questions and share any rumors we’ve heard from our colleagues in Silicon Valley – and especially from my own Fortune 500 clients.
  • The Deal Flow Tracker monitors in real time whenever a startup inks a massive deal, its valuation changes, or any other important updates are announced.
  • Launch Your Own Local Chapter with just the push of a few buttons and organize meetups at your favorite restaurant, bar, or any other place you feel is perfect for networking.

The Legends of Angel Investing Are Going to Train You!

You’re also going to receive a level of training and education that would normally cost millions of dollars to access.

  • The Angel Investor’s Boot Camp video series pulls back the curtain to reveal the most important things you need to know to fast-track your success!
  • The Angel Investor’s Cheat Sheet is a list of questions every founder should answer before you invest in their startup.
  • Angel Investor Master Classes reveal the most powerful secrets and strategies of the ultra-rich angels who backed the startups that made them Silicon Valley rock stars.
  • The Deal Flow Notebook is perfect for jotting down your thoughts during Hot Seat Sessions and Boardroom Meetings. 
  • The State of Angel Investing Reportsidentify the biggest and most lucrative trends of the coming quarter.
  • My New York Times Best Seller Hustle contains every secret I’ve learned about angel investing and entrepreneurship.

Every Year, We’ll Celebrate Your Success at the Angels & Entrepreneurs Retreat

We’re hosting an annual, members-only retreat. And it will always be somewhere sunny.

One year, it might be Miami, then Grand Cayman Island the next – and Napa Valley the year after that.

We’ll enjoy fine dining, private parties, golf, and so much more.

We’ll fit in some business too.

We’re going to bring in famous angel investors for live training sessions.

Plus, an all-star lineup of brilliant entrepreneurs will pitch their startups to you face-to-face.

And make sure you bring your Founder’s membership card.

This unlocks an incredible collection of surprise perks.

Are You Ready to Start this New Chapter in Your Life? 
We’re Going to Make it Very Easy for You to Say “YES!”

As you know, the “normal” retail price for a subscription to the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network is $599 a year.

But right now, you can secure your special Founder’s membership at an extremely deep discount.

We know you’re going to love this. In fact, we’re willing to prove it.

Your Founder’s Membership Is Protected by Our DOUBLE Money-Back Guarantee.

Money-Back Guarantee #1:
Test-drive every feature of the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network for the next 60 days. If you don’t think you’ll be able to make 1,000X on the startups we showcase, contact us. You’ll receive a 100% refund.

Money-Back Guarantee #2:
Anytime after your first 60 days on board, if you feel we aren’t living up to your expectations, we’ll still refund the unused portion of your membership. No questions asked!

That’s how confident we are in this venture.

You’re about to see how exciting and rewarding angel investing can be.

In fact, we have two startups already locked and loaded for you!

So choose your membership level below.

Or if you prefer, you can call our VIP Concierge Service at 866-310-1498 or 410-501-5876 (international) between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. (ET) Monday through Friday.

Let’s get started!

Neil Patel
Founder, Angels & Entrepreneurs Network
September 2019

(Please note: If you are a resident of Canada or the United Kingdom, you may not have full access to many of our recommendations.)

Choose Your Membership Level

When asked if a good team, product, or a strong market is most correlated with a successful startup, the billionaire startup investor Marc Andreessen did not waver:

“The market is the most important factor in a startup’s success or failure,” he said.

“The market pulls product out of the startup,” he went on. “The market needs to be fulfilled, and the market will be fulfilled, by the first viable product that comes along.”

Readers of The Hustle get to try Trends for just $249. This price includes full access to our content, databases, forum, and community. In fact, as we add more features we will most likely raise prices. Sign up for Trends here

Billionaire investor Marc Andreessen

I thought about the above story constantly before starting The Hustle.

I spent months researching different industries, interviewing experts and business owners and putting together massive databases that showed various growth signals so I could increase my chance of success.

I explored loads of different ideas. Everything!

Documenting my research along the way, I ended up with a library of deeply interesting insights that deconstructed various industries and companies.

Eventually, this research convinced me to start The Hustle. For those of you who are new here, The Hustle (aka this blog you’re reading) is my 30-person company in San Francisco. Each morning we give +1,000,000 people the business news and analysis they need to know about.

But as we’ve grown we’ve started to create more products for our 1,000,000 person audience.

And so, we did the same thing I did years ago: researched different ideas, interviewed experts, and talked to our current customers.

Then it hit us…what if we made our research the product?

And that, my friend, is Trends, our new premium publication that analyzes the fastest-growing startup trends.

The goal of Trends is simple: To help you stay on top of new business ideas and under-the-radar business trends so you can pounce on them.

So, who’s this for?

  • Anyone looking for an edge, but doesn’t have 1000s of hours to research growing markets
  • Those who want to build or invest in great companies, but don’t have access to industry insiders or the expensive tools to assess market opportunities
  • Anyone who wants a behind-the-scenes look at how fast-growing startups operate, their financials, and more

OK, cool… so how does Trends work?

We’ve hired a team of journalists, entrepreneurs, and data scientists to crawl millions of data points and interview industry leaders to find gaps in the market.

Each week we send an email that deconstructs interesting startups and business trends and provides access to proprietary databases that track where business is headed.

We’ve also created a private community for subscribers and the people we interview, where entrepreneurs and experts pick apart ideas and discuss the merits of others’ strategies.

Additionally, we’ve also built different databases for you to sort through.

For example, our Small Business Database, has over 500 business owners who told us how much revenue their company makes, how they started it, how much profit it makes, how fast it’s growing, and more.

After you sign up you’ll get access to our past reports, database, and private community where we host Q+As with founders and collaborate on ideas.

Do I get special pricing because I’m a loyal reader of The Hustle?

Yes. You do.

Readers of The Hustle get special pricing of $249 for full access. We do not intend to do a discount ever again. In fact, as we add more features we will most likely raise prices. So, try it out today!

Invest in yourself — and your future… see you on the other side:

Readers of The Hustle get insider pricing of $249. Act now because as we add more features we will most likely raise prices. Sign up for Trends here

ANNOUNCEMENT: We’ve launched a new product that’ll help you find startup trends before they explode.

Veteran Fundraising Experts

Our team has personally raised tens of millions of dollars and helped companies raise over $100,000,000+

Plan Early & Effectively

Do-it-yourself, have our marketing team manage your campaign, or get à la carte services from pre-launch to closing

Calculate & Spend for ROI

Focus on high return-on-investment activities- drive more investors to your campaign & customers to your company

Investor & Mentor Access

Receive mentorship, advice, and feedback from our online investor and entrepreneur community


We track up-and-coming startup trends and explain how to pounce on them

We’re a team of analysts and entrepreneurs that obsessively track emerging industries. Each week we show you the white space in the market and how you can capitalize on it. We work to discover market gaps so you can succeed.



While working at a hedge fund in 1994, Jeff Bezos came across a report with a shocking stat: the internet grew by 2,300% the previous year.
“Things just don’t grow that fast, with the exception of petri dishes,” he said. 
“A nontrivial baseline growing at 2,300% a year is clearly going to be everywhere tomorrow, and so the question was:
 What kind of business plan would make sense in the context of that growth?”
Two years later, Amazon was born



Hey there grasshopper,

Sam here, CEO of The Hustle. Each day my team and I send out a business news email to over 1 million entrepreneurs. Why? So they have the information they need to put their mark on the world through their professional success.
But our readers have asked for more. They want more than just our expert analysis of the news. They want actionable insights on how to capitalize on the information we’re giving them.
And that, my dear friend, is where Hustle Trends comes in.
My team of journalists and analysts spends thousands of hours analyzing data, digging through reports, and talking with sources to identify business opportunities you can pounce on.
The result? Trends.
Each week we compile the business trends we’re seeing in two easy-to-read reports, filled with case studies, insights, and action steps.
Who knows…maybe you’ll come across a piece of information that’ll inspire you to become the next Bezos.
Trends is launching on June 4th. 
Affordable, quality insights and opportunities you can act on, and a community of experts to answer your questions. 
To get early access, please sign up below. 
Talk soon! 


  • Twice-weekly email: We send out two emails a week. These emails contain case studies that deconstruct different businesses and reports that go in depth on the latest business trends and opportunities and how you can pounce on them.
  • Reports: Our team of analysts spends hundreds of hours writing in-depth reports on the biggest trends and case studies that help you understand business success.
  • Community:​Talk with our team of writers to dig deeper into their findings and answer questions to help your business grow.
  • Q&As: Want a direct line to the business leaders we profile? Great. We host regular question and answer sessions.

Weekly Reports

Reports are 2 pages long and have appendixes that are 20+ pages for folks who want an in-depth read, case studies, and more data

Analyst Access

Interact with our team of analysts in our online community and gain insights into our signature research

Case Studies

Read one of the case studies that comes with each report and get under-the-hood insights into how different businesses work

Proprietary Insights

Our analysts scour the web, analyze thousands of data points, and interview expert entrepreneurs and leaders

Learn From Thought Leaders

We interview hundreds of CEOs, founders, executives, and thought leaders to craft our reports

Actionable Insights

Each report comes with a list of actionable next steps that can be taken to capitalize on each trend

Concise & Fast

Report summaries are 2 pages: fast to read, easy to digest, and flavored with Hustle-signature voice

Community Access

Discuss each week’s report with other top leaders and motivated entrepreneurs

No Questions Asked Refund

If you aren't happy, email us within 7 days and get your money back -- no questions asked

Annual access only costs $299 a year. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, email us within 14 days and we’ll give you your money back –- no questions asked.
  • Weekly email brief:   Each week we release in depth case studies, trend reports, database updates and interviews.
  • Private community access:   Join our community with other subscribers, The Hustle team, and the experts we interview.
  • Past reports:   Access to previous reports.
  • Database access:   We’re constantly creating new databases that track the fast growing startups and industries.
  • No risk:   Unhappy with your purchase? Cancel within 14 days for a refund.
The Hustle’s mission is simple: help you make a dent in the world and leave your legacy. More specifically, we believe that business building is one of the most effective ways to positively push the world forward. Practically everything we love in this world was created by a person who had an idea and the drive to follow through. 
More likely than not, most people thought that the builder’s idea was stupid or not worth pursuing. But the builder had vision and fire, so they built it anyway. The thing they built could have been something seemingly small. Like a new type of lip gloss. Or it could have been big, like an electric car. But inside every builder was a fire that pushed them forward through years of lows, anxiety, stress, or loneliness. And for what? Just some lip gloss or a car that will be outdated in a year?
They did it because they had to. Because they’re fighters. The Hustle is for builders. We create information, content, and events to help those people succeed.

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When you purchase a two-year membership to Newchip Angels & Entrepreneurs Group, you’ll receive all the benefits listed above, including our 30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Refunds after the 30-day trial period will be issued on a prorated basis. The best part? There are no hidden fees or requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have several services above to help with both booking investor meetings, generating interest, and successfully closing a campaign.

We recommend that everyone that has the skills, time, and ability, do it themselves! However most entrepreneurs lack one of the above and we’re here to help fill in that gap.

We specifically cover and promote every accelerator company that does a campaign- so if you are referred from a funding portal- if you’d like us to put our name behind your campaign on top of services, apply and convince us to let you into the accelerator.

Both meet every week to coach you to successfully close your campaign- each week you’ll set actionable goals and be held accountable.

That’s just too bad. We’ll work with you but we can’t do 100% of everything for you no matter how much you pay us.

We have investor consulting and referral services above as well as all accelerator members are provided intros and access to our startup expo.

12 months of community access to our mentor and investor community (value of $1,188)

3 months of access to our Bootcamp Accelerator- you will have to apply for Pre-Seed or Seed stage however.

We’ll fully review your campaign, assets, and resources, to give you suggestions on where you need improvement and where we can help.

If you have already launched, we guarantee that you’ll learn from the program and save money- at minimum the cost of the course- or your money back.

Nope. If you refuse to do the coursework, you will fail.

Our Accelerator & Community

CEO’s need to be focused on 3 things: building an A+ product, recruiting an A+ team and fundraising to afford the first two. 

We only require a few mandatory hours after normal work hours each week and the rest of our program is entirely at your own pace to prepare you for our startup expo and fundraising.  

Our programs were created out of the frustration of entrepreneurs joining top accelerators and finding that the majority of programs only spend 1-2 days in their entire curriculum on fundraising, negotiation, and CEO skills. 

All of our accelerator programs are focused on what you need to know to be a CEO from Idea to IPO – below are the requirements for each of our accelerator programs, and what you’ll be learning based on your company stage

What Our Members Say

“Because of your coursework, classes, and coaching, I had the best experience."
Jonathan Fried
CEO & Founder of in-Court
“The program has been “over the bar” that I had for it. The resources, the weekly group meetings, hearing you and everyone talk, great job pulling this together.
Chad Burmeister
CEO of
" It definitely opened my eyes and gave me good insights into the investor world and the obstacles and hurdles that lie ahead."
James Lyon
Founder of Gongago
"I got to say that this is the most comprehensive and thorough material I have ever been exposed to. Straight to the point, no ********. I’ve been telling everyone about this."
Tomas Louda
Founder & CEO of Valet Storage
“Ryan and his team have made a huge impact on my business. I've learned so much."
Karen Anne Jacks
CEO at Della Ricca Hair Color
“If you are an entrepreneur, you need to raise funds, you’ve built your product, you believe in that, you really need this. It’s made a massive difference for us and our business. Thank you!
Mike Jarman
CEO & Co-Founder of TurboPass
"I'd recommend to anybody, go ahead and do it... You're gonna benefit from it, so just go ahead and take the leap."
Jerry Scott
Chairman of Healthcare Now
“I was actually looking at three different accelerators before I joined Newchip and my big focus right now is on fundraising. Newchip is all about fundraising so that’s why I chose Newchip over all others.”
Chris Gatbonton
Founder of Creation Crate
“Having the time each week to get on the Mastermind classes with your cohort and your fellow founders, and hearing everything that they go through and having them as a sounding board, was extraordinarily helpful."
Joe Shepherd
Founder & CEO of ZenLeap
“The curriculum and staff have provided an invaluable learning experience and I’ll use this knowledge in my current and future business pursuits!”
Paul Hardersen
Founder & CEO of Trouvaille
"I finished the Newchip online accelerator! It was a great program that put a slew of business tools in my toolbox.”
John Andresen
Founder & President of the Livestock Of The World Ecosystem
"Everything has been perfect !!!! I can’t see anywhere for more improvement as far the cohort accelerator program, everyone has been so helpful, the mastermind sessions have been great."
Lafayette Nelson III
Founder & CEO of Ocean Body Balm
"You've turned me from an arm's-length skeptic to someone who's excited to go through the training and grab those relationships that I can make through this process... thank you for talking me into joining the Newchip accelerator. We had our first MasterMind last night, great group of people and of course Russell is a rock star leader. Looks to be a great journey!! I really appreciate it."
Rick Medlen
Founder & CEO of GarageSkins
“This program has been an invaluable resource to me over the last several months. The creators and mentors have provided me with an overwhelming amount of information and coaching that will impact my future success. Special thanks to Joshua Lawton. He has been very helpful throughout my time in the program, running our group discussions, meeting for a quick lunch when I was in town to give me some advice, dropping into a VC meeting I was having to prop me up. He is a great guy, a true friend of entrepreneurs, and anyone who has the privilege of working with him is in good hands!”
Austin Evans
Founder & CEO of Arieh Solutions
“It’s already been six weeks since Viewst joined the Newchip Accelerator program. Today I can say with confidence that it was the right move to get involved. First of all, it is an equity-free program. It is online which gives me a lot of flexibility. I have traveled across three continents this month visiting our clients and partners. I’m preparing the company for the round and I’ve learned a lot of useful legal stuff from top experts and VCs. We have lots of interactions with our mentors and advisors as well as live sessions and mastermind sessions every single week. I have another six weeks ahead... Stay tuned and join Newchip!”
Victoria Duben
CEO of Viewst
"Already just 2 weeks in and Afoodbale has received massive support, personalized attention and guidance from these industry leaders. They truly deliver on what they promise in the world of helping startups grow, and I can see that it’s coming from a place of heart... Really been enjoying and valuing the connections made through this program. Thanks for pushing us forward from seedlings into sprouts!"
Nadia Aseeva
Founder of Afoodable
"When I say I love Newchip, I really mean it... Over the past two years of my entrepreneurial journey, I have never seen an accelerator program that provides so much value and support as much as I have seen with Newchip... You always hear that line (Fortune favours the bold) but you really feel the true meaning of it when you the universe send you someone like Joshua Lawton and an amazing team like the Newchip who wants nothing but helping you throughout your entrepreneurial journey."
Ahmed S. AbouElezz
Founder & CEO of FITT Finder
"Newchip has been the driving force behind my confidence, creativity and intellectual growth over the past two months."
Alexander Lehman
Founder & CEO Alienbeing
“The best decision I’ve made so far this year was applying for the Newchip Accelerator. The program is personally pushing me to another level with their content, live classes, advisor relationships, and mastermind sessions. If you’re interested in joining an EQUITY-FREE accelerator program and working with experts that have a real desire to see the entrepreneurs they work with thrive, apply to Newchip’s Accelerator.”
Douglas Broughton
CEO of Vendible
"This next cohort is in for an incredible experience! Thank you Newchip for the education and support!"
Rena McGill
Founder & CEO of Corlinc
“I have the best accelerator mastermind on earth! I went from feeling like we should drop out last week (I just felt SO behind) to feeling like I’m right in the pack this week. I feel like something big is coming… Thank you to Newchip and their entire team for creating their program. It is definitely helping us blast off into our next stage of growth… I think I officially love you guys. Shit just got real!”
Bonnie Treece
Founder of The Brain Domain
“Newchip has been great to work with...wishing I was in Austin right now.”
Justin Embry
Executive Director & Founder of Vocit
“I really love the program. I feel like not only has it been incredibly eye-opening, but it has prompted me to take action rather than sit on my heels all day doing one action item a month… thanks again for this wonderful opportunity! It is a priceless experience... Just from one hour of listening, I was already saved from several mistakes. I was going to hire a PR company to bump up my press release, also I probably would’ve wasted time with bunk investors who may not have the best intentions for my organization. Thank you so much!”
Shinei Gibbs
Founder & CEO at Green Energy Rehabilitation of Multi-Family Properties
"The program was excellent. I felt like I learned quite a significant amount of information about startups, investors, and venture capital, particularly as someone who does not have a traditional background… I feel like I gained so much knowledge and confidence that I could see myself creating a proper startup with the ability to quickly scale.”
Andrew "Ace" Houston
Founder & Head of Design at House Cosmopolitan
“This content is amazing, I’m loving every bit of it and it’s very much how I’ve been focused on building this company and all my companies. Not that you need my approval but thought I’d let you guys know, great f*****g job!”
Eric Horbacz
Founder of Bandwagon Technologies
"I am really enjoying the content. My favorite was how you broke down the archetypes of companies. That alone helped me to realize my company and it’s purpose. I see it growing day by day... I am still journeying through the content and I love it more and more."
Michael B. McCatrey
Founder & CEO of Menelec
"Wish it was every day! I feel like I’m learning so much just from the conversations alone. Thanks again!... You guys are the best”
Mae Silveira
Founder & CEO of TribeSwapp