We make buying and selling jewelry safe, simple and affordable!


of a $3.5-$5M goal

Why you may want to invest in us...

  1. Current revenue $5M/yr and cash flow positive.
  2. “Timing is everything” With $900BN market coming online soon, the opportunity to capture the majority marketshare is phenomenal.
  3. Everjewel is positioning itself to earn revenue from every piece of jewelry sold online! We will soon be the most valuable marketplace in the jewelry industry.
  4. Everjewel’s mission is to make jewelry affordable. We believe competition is healthy and bringing incredible selection from all facets of the industry in a single shopping experience will lower prices and increase sales…. for everyone!

Our team

Sonny Belew

Founder & CEO

Sonny is the Founder & CEO of Everjewel Inc. With 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Sonny has run sales and operations for American Jewelry, a family owned business. He launched Everjewel in 2016 with the mission of making the buying and selling of jewelry better. His vision is to build a community where individuals, stores, and manufacturers can all buy and sell jewelry in a safe, secure, and tech-enabled place.

Busty Belew

Co-Founder & CTO

Dusty is is the Co-Founder & CTO of Everjewel Inc. Dusty’s experience in the tech sector includes roles at Cricket, Verizon Wireless, VitalCheck Network, and First Acceptance Corporation. 

Emily Grzeskowiak

Brand Manager

On-boarding Consumers
Wholesale Liason
BA University of Miami Marketing

Cecilia Jennings

Sales Manager

Consumer & Wholesale Division
Previous Sales Manager of Kays Jewelry Corporation

Why people love us...

“Loving this beautiful ring from @everjewel! My ring is the 14k White Gold .25ctw Diamond & 1ct Blue Topaz Ring! Shipping was fast and easy! The best part is @everjewel has an The Eversafe Guarantee to verify and give you an authenticity card to make sure your jewellery is top quality and as advertised.” —Darriel Roy, Former Miss Universe delegate & Miss Ontario

“I downloaded the Everjewel app looking for a necklace. Found exactly what I wanted, and it was a terrific deal! This will be my go-to place to search for jewelry. It was easy and I’m very pleased with the experience. 5 stars!”

“Super easy to use with amazing prices and quality! I wouldn’t buy jewelry online any other way!”

“Everjewel has eliminated my hesitation with buying jewelry online. I’ve bought a few items so far and every piece has come with the Eversafe Authentication Report, love that!”

“I bought my girlfriend’s engagement ring on Everjewel and had a great experience! I was able to get it sized and polished/cleaned, it looks great and she loves it!”

Our advisors

William George

Strategic - Auto Finance
  • Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder Comfort Systems USA – Multi Billion Dollar Conglomerate
  • Former Ropes & Gray Corporate Lawyer
  • Brigham Young University
  • Harvard Law School

In the news

Highlighted as one of “2019 Best Tech Startups” Brentwood, Tennessee by The Tech Tribune.

Everjewel.com makes buying and selling jewelry better.

Imagine a place where the best selection of jewelry is available at the lowest prices and that place is much safer to use than anywhere else online. With thousands of items from individuals, jewelry stores and manufacturers from around the world, Everjewel.com is quickly becoming the fastest growing jewelry marketplace ever. At the core, Everjewel is the only online marketplace that will guarantee what you are getting is exactly as represented. At Everjewel we have certified experts using the latest technology to guarantee your purchase is authentic. To compliment your purchase, you can add services like ring sizing, appraisals, engraving, beautiful gift boxes and more. At Everjewel, we take care of everything… so you don’t worry about anything making buying and selling jewelry better. Visit Everjewel.com or in the App Store and never overpay again.





Why hasn’t the jewelry industry come online much faster?

Amount of time and effort that it takes to do this, to put detail, image sizes, takes 5 minutes per item to put into the inventory store system… Not enough time, too much effort to put online…nobody had created those tools… but EverJewel has taken this mission and is creating the tools, API, true integration in real-time. This has never been done before in the industry and is a game-changer, lots of tools to play behind the scenes.

How do you make money?

Primarily through commissions. Every sale has a commission, whether it be retail or wholesale.

Secondary, all the online services offered at the point of checkout: ring sizing, appraisals, gift boxes, etc.

Future revenue – Independent websites, driven by EverJewel. ⅓ of those don’t have websites. Powered by EverJewel – Diamonds at EJ, Rings at EJ, etc.

Use of proceeds


Operational Since: 2016
Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR): $600K-$900K
Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): $50K-75K
Industry: Jewelry / Marketplace / Retail
Total Rev since founded: $500K
Already Raised: $800K
Seeking: $3.5-$5M
User Base: 2,000+



  • Grew local brick & mortar jewelry company into the largest and most successful in the state.

  • $1trillion global jewelry industry, $100 billion online purchases, and EverJewel will lead the $900 billion market coming online

  • EverJewel is positioning itself to earn revenue from every piece of jewelry sold online.

  • Current revenue and cash flow positive, with investment, $50M GMV per month by 2021

  • Proprietary software allowing everyone (individuals, stores & manufacturers/suppliers) to transact together

  • We are completely through Phase 1 which is the marketplace online and apps. This allows everyone a platform to transact. We are finished with the BETA phase of the POS interface allowing certain stores and suppliers the ability to present their inventory in real time on the platform with no extra effort. Literally a one-click opportunity.