How to Get Users to Grow

Group of People Watching Gray Laptop Computer

A key term to know when talking about getting users to grow is “user engagement.” You want to get your number of users to grow as well as keep your users engaged with your product. To keep users engaged and to buy your product, the following are tips for you to consider:

  • Engage with users during “trial” periods. Map out specific actions to take with users at different stages of the trial.
  • Use the on-boarding process to make a great first impression on the user and to make it clear what value your product is offering. Then the user is more likely to become a customer, rather than look at your site and then leave – never to return. Build a great on-boarding experience to help spur user growth.
  • Communicate with users about new features and functionality, preferably within the app or site. Exposure to new things can motivate users to spend more time with you as well as tell other people about your product, helping to support growth.
  • Use behavior emails, which means that when a user takes an action within your product, the action triggers a communication (i.e. an email) with something related to the action. An example is that a user has signed up for a new feature; this action triggers your company to send a follow up email with tips on how to use the new feature. This helps with long-term user engagement.
  • Cut out features that users don’t use. Don’t clutter your product with new features that no one wants.  
  • Respond to user feedback and make sure that you are taking action to make improvements. When users see that you and your company are doing this, users are more likely to grow.

As you collect more user feedback both quantitatively and qualitatively, you will come up with your own ideas to get users to grow. This is an opportunity for you to be creative and to get to know the users very, very well.