Confirm Customer Intent – Call to Action (CTA)

A key part of any marketing campaign is the “call to action.” This is the action that you invite users to take. It can be a word, a phrase or sentence. In digital marketing, the text is often placed on a button that people recognize to click.

If you have people coming to your site and few are clicking on your call to action, then it is likely that your call to action – or CTA – is not inspiring or motivating enough. In this module, you will learn the elements of a strong call to action that will help convert people into sales for you.

People Doing Marathon

Every company wants to improve conversions. This means getting people to take an action that the company wants them to take, whether it is downloading something, signing up for a service, requesting a demo or whatever it is.

The following are three qualities of an effective CTA:

  • Articulates a clear message about the benefits to the user if they take the action. You can convey that people will miss out on something valuable if they don’t act now.
  • Delivers what the CTA promises – and does it immediately (instant gratification). This is why so many confirmation emails include a download link to a piece of content.
  • Uses action words. Don’t use words that cause friction with people.  
  • Conveys a sense of urgency and scarcity. You can communicate “limited time offer” or “while supplies last.”
  • Focuses on value. What do your target customers want?
  • Gets personal. Don’t sound like an impersonal, corporate entity. The text on the banner or ad should be conversational, warm and friendly.


Let’s look at some examples of digital banners that have calls to action.

The line “Give me the Free PDF” is a strong CTA that comes after text (or copy) that communicates value to the target audience about getting a job.

The “Shop Now” button has the CTA, which is depending on the 40% off to motivate people to click and buy.

The CT to “Start Now” is embedded in a story that this digital banner is telling about how if you get this kit, you will look and feel energized and fit, like the person in the photo. The “free” offer almost makes it feel like if you get this kit, losing weight will be relatively easy.

The CTA of “Get free training” speaks to the need of the target audience that wants and needs to learn about SEO.  

Lesson learned: if your company is not getting enough conversions into sales from site visits, look at your call to action. It may need work.