Project Management 101: Building a Project

To build a project starts with a project plan, which is one of the most important aspects of project management. A project plan establishes the scope of the project and defines the goals as well as all the steps that are needed to be taken to achieve the goals. 

High Angle View of Pencils on Table

A project plan is often presented in the form of a Gantt chart (see other module for what a Gantt chart is). But before visually representing the project in a fancy chart, there is a process to the actual building of the project that will help you think critically about future projects you develop in your startup. 

The following are the steps that you can take to build the project from ground up, which is significant for you startup:

Step 1: Understand the purpose of the project (what is trying to be accomplished)

Step 2: Do research to find out as much as you can about everything to do with the project

Step 3: Ask challenging questions to get to the best answers

Step 4: Develop an outline for the project plan

Step 5: Have a discussion with the team

Step 6: Fill out the outline with full information

Step 7: Make a visual representation of the project plan (i.e. Gantt chart)

Step 8: Share the project plan with the team and seek buy-in

Gray Concrete Building

Building a project is not rocket science, but it does require tenacity, attention to detail, self-discipline, structure, patience, communication skills, curiosity and openness to take input from lots of different people. When your startup has good project management in place, projects can go so much easier. Granted, an easy project shouldn’t be your goal, but rather one that is successful. Use this knowledge and start applying it today to your startup idea – start with something small and simple.