Third-Party Resources for Tax Matters

To educate yourself more on tax-related matters for startups, you can utilize different online resources. These resources don’t replace using an accounting, and you should be cautious of far-out advice, but making yourself more knowledgeable will help you ask better questions to CPAs and tax attorneys.

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The following are third-party resources with useful information on different tax matters:

H&R Block Online Tax Center

Tax Almanac (archived version)


Tax Mama’s Tax Resource List

IRS Tax Resource Site

In addition to websites, you can also call the IRS tax help line at 800-829-1040 with tax questions. The IRS tax help line is open to anyone. Also, several tax software programs, such as TurboTax, contain information on different tax matters.

For military and family of military, Military One Source is available as a resource to you.