Naming Your Company & Registering Your Domain

It may be obvious to you that you need to give your company a name and to set up a website for your company, but, in this module, we offer you some tips on what to consider as you do it.

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Tip #1

Your company name should be short and, thus, memorable. It is usually good to have it be between 5 and 8 letters. Having your name on the shorter side will make it easier for people to remember it and easier for them to type in. Names like IBM and 3M are relatively too short and are acronyms that have been around for many decades. Look at names like Google, Apple, Cisco, and Coca-Cola as examples to follow.

Tip #2

Always register a domain.  Even before you get your company incorporated, you should register a domain with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). You can use services like GoDaddy to register a domain name.

Tip #3

You should consider the top-level domain strategically. A top-level domain is what comes after the dot in a URL. Most people think of “.com,” but there are more than a thousand choices. Other common top-level domains include “.edu,” “.org” and “.net.” You may just want to go with a .com, but younger generations are much more willing than older generations to accept different and new top-level domains. (If you type in your company name with a .com in GoDaddy, it will give you all the options for other top-level domains. Then you can decide.)