Contributing Assets (ie, IP, Domain Registrations, Cash) to Your C-Corp

This is a complex tax issue in reality not really about putting stuff into the corporation. For physical property you just sign it over to the corporation. For things like domains, you just change the email and future billing to corporate accounts.

If you want to make your life easier, make your accounting simpler, and avoid hiccups when you are raising capital contribute all the assets you own that the corporation needs (yes I mean all IP including patents, the corporation MUST own all IP) at formation. If you do it at formation you get the best tax treatment without any headaches and your future becomes easier. Consult your lawyer or CPA. Also read here:

Since LLCs use pass-through there are other non-tax considerations. Like do the partners feel like paying you for the right to use property the corporation needs, or should you contribute it and add the value to your capital account. Again talk to your CPA or lawyer.