Investor & Sales Lead Connect Platform

All Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A accelerator members as part of their membership receive six months of access to our Connect platform with up to 2,000+ leads per month.

Ready to 10X Your Sales & Investor Outreach?

Fundraising is a "sales" process - our technology will help you book more investor and customer meetings to help you close more deals, ultimately allowing you to close your round faster.

100+ Leads Per Day

Our team will work with you to create targeted lead list and send personalized 1:1 invites.

Automated Campaigns

Automated, personalized, and human managed up to 5 touch campaigns to investors or sales.

Safe & GDPR Compliant

Built in protection, inbuilt safety triggers, usage limits, and compliant with GDPR.

Investors & Sales

Effective for raising $100k-$1M+, for direct B2B sales, as well as partnerships and biz dev.

*The Connect Program is an invite only program for accelerator cohort members.

Proven Lead Generation That Works

Our advisory team designs and builds your outreach campaign to potential customers or investors - sending 1000's of personalized messages to investors each month.

1. We create hyper-targeted lists of qualified angel, venture capital, or customer prospects each month

2. Connect team sends personalized and automated outreach campaigns

3. We book meetings on your calendar for you to build a relationships and close deals