Newchip Startup Bootcamp

Program Includes:

  • Startup Fundamentals 101
  • Recruiting Co-Founders
  • Establishing Your Company
  • Basic Business Modeling
  • Basic Financial Modeling
  • Building a Prototyping to Raise $
  • Closing Your First Investor Check
  • Finding Product Market Fit
  • Fundamentals of VC
  • Startup Case Studies
  • How to Fail Fast & Pivot
  • Partner Perks & Discounts

4 Week Bootcamp

Weeks of incredibly valuable online training from subject matter experts and veteran successful entrepreneurs

100% Ownership

Retain full ownership and control of your company because we’re not going to ask you to give up any equity to join

100% Online Program

No need to pack your family up and move across the country or globe – complete the entire program online 

Battle Tested

Expert developed resources and training to help you build your MVP, recruit a cofounder, and launch your company successfully to raise capital

Your Own Pace

The average funding round takes 9-12 months, our goal is to cut that in half but you don’t have to graduate in 30 days- it’s your program, complete at your pace

Secure Processing

Tuition fees are processed through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment processing gateway via Stripe to ensure your privacy and protection

Our Accelerator Programs

As a founder most of your time needs to be spent building your company and fundraising, that is why we only require 3-4 hours per week and the rest of our programs are at your own pace. Below are our general requirements for each program as well as what you’ll be learning based on your company stage:

Accelerator Bootcamp

Program Length: 
4 Weeks

Hour Commitment:

Program Requirements:
<$50K raised OR 
<$50K in revenue

Program Focus:
Raising funding up to $50K
Generating revenue up to $50K

Pre-Seed Accelerator

Program Length: 
8 Weeks

Hour Commitment:

Program Requirements:
$50K-$250K+ raised OR 
$50K-$250K+ in revenue

Program Focus:
Raising funding up to $500K
Generating revenue up to $500K

Seed Accelerator

Program Length: 
12 Weeks

Hour Commitment:

Program Requirements:  
$250K-$1M+ raised OR
$250K-$1M+ in revenue

Program Requirements:
Raising funding up to $1M-$5M+
Scaling revenue up to $1M-$5M+

Scholarships are available in the following cases:
Financial need basis, minority business owners, college students, international founders, and military veterans. 
Contact for approval: jlawton@newchip.com