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  • Pitch decks and business plans are two of the LEAST important things you need to focus on to raise seed funding, and what you should do instead.
  • Your IDEA IS SECONDARY to one very simple thing... and why that thing can separate you from other founders.
  • Only 3% of startups ever raise a round of seed capital... while OVER 67% of our customers get funded within 6 months.
  • The average investor gets pitched by OVER 40 STARTUPS/WEEK... We'll show you how to stand out from a sea of other startups vying for their attention.

CEO & Founder of In-Court

The first few weeks in the accelerator have been so helpful! Last night I went to the kickoff reception sponsored by Arc Angel and Funding Post Founder Joe Rubin. Because of your coursework, classes, and coaching, I had the best experience there! I saw a ton of entrepreneurs trying too hard to get the attention of key players, you guys gave me the mindset to be calm and attract the right attention by focusing on the relationships I want. More than just the money, you taught me to focus on the relationships. That shift was noticed by people who know me, more importantly it resulted in several requests for my pitch deck. The icing on the cake though was Joe Rubin and me sharing sandwiches at a sidewalk street cafe until 4 in the morning, just the two of us. Thanks guys!!

Jonathan Fried

Founder & CEO of Valet Storage

"This is the most comprehensive and thorough material I have ever been exposed to. Straight to the point, no ********. I’ve been telling everyone about this to the point where it drives Nancy crazy."

Tomas Louda

Founder & CEO of TribeSwapp

"I wish we had mastermind sessions every day! I feel like I’m learning so much. Thanks again! You guys are the best <3 Thank you!"

Mae Silveira

Founder, Affoodable

Just 2 weeks in and Afoodbale has received massive support, personalized attention and guidance from industry leaders. They truly deliver on what they promise in the world of helping startups grow, and I can see that it’s coming from a place of heart.

Nadia Aseeva

Founder of Consumer Affinity

"When I asked our PR team what they thought of our press release they said it looked like I knew exactly what I was doing =) You and Ryan are throwing out some great content.”

Steve Smith

Founder & CEO of FITT Finder

“I have never seen an accelerator program that provides so much value and support as much as Newchip. We couldn’t be happier and honored. Thank you to the entire team of Newchip! So much knowledge! Again thank you!”

Ahmed S. AbouElezz

Founder of The Brain Domain

"I officially love you guys. Shit just got real! I don't know how you and Travis do all of this! Major inspiration!"

Bonnie Treece

Founder & CEO of Pivvt

“Hey Newchip Team! I really appreciate all you guys do for us in the accelerator to help us learn and make good decisions.”

John Dodson

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